Our Why

There is a large gap between IRL (In Real Life) living and online living, and we’re on a mission to reconcile the two.

There is no reason your real life or real life business or real life ministry cannot reach a wider audience by utilizing the internet and social media in a wise way.

Likewise, there is no reason your online and social media oriented life or ministry or business cannot have a far reaching influence in your real life circles.

The disconnect is often knowing how to transparently influence both worlds. We can help! We will teach you safe, smart, and successful social media with a twist of life.

What We Do

  • We provide connections between bloggers, brands, companies, organizations, communities and influencers.
  • We provide media and marketing services and resources.
  • We create IRL events to help you learn more and connect better to your community.

What You Should Do Next

We will help you be the bridge and steward your platform, for a greater real life impact!